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Meet Our Staff

We Support the Human-Animal Bond


Clinic Manager


Front Desk






Tech Assistant


Operations Manager/Tech






Tech Assistant


Tech Assistant


Front Desk






Tech Assistant


Clearly the staff members who can tolerate being pulled in a million directions, liaisons never rest. They are moving constantly to assess the lobby, transfer clients to the exam rooms, take critical first statements, receive patients coming in for surgery, answer the telephone, maintain the cleanliness of the front of the clinic and file multiple case folders every day. Drawn to our veterinary clinic for their love of animals, they see the patients through the eyes of the owners. All this and much more makes them essential members of the clinic team. Without them, there is no clinic flow!


Born multi-taskers, the managers simply have too many tasks to line item in this overview. Beyond being smart, they were chosen for their perspicacity to do their best with the clinic's interests at heart and are trustworthy and honest people. They have the ability to answer questions that pertain to pet care as well as manage the clerical and business end of the practice. They are capable of overseeing the clinic when the owner is out of town, making the rare vacation for the doctor more worry-free. If you have a question or concern, ask for a clinic manager. They are always here to help in any way they can.


When days go by and the technicians at our clinic never leave the treatment room or the hospital side of the clinic, I know I have a truly dedicated staff. Selected for their specific skill set, the technician spends the whole day supporting the doctors and the patients. Each are capable of handling a veterinary emergency and do not fold under pressure. They are well-spoken people and are capable of talking to clients about everything from base care to the sensitive issues in a case. The list of their tasks is too long to cover, but from the time an animal enters the hospital until the pet is discharged, the technician is involved in the management of the case and the well-being of the patient. No other staff member embodies our motto, we support the human-animal bond more than the technician.

Animal Care Providers

These are the unsung heroes of the clinic. From the beginning of the day with exercise and cage cleaning, to the endless laundry and hospital cleanliness, this group of people never fails to provide quality comfort to all pets in the hospital. Somehow, they manage to spend time with the sickest, comfort the most scared, and handle the difficult patient without ever letting the barking and cage destroyers get them down. In the hospital scenario, they are acutely aware of how important it is that an animal remains clean with adequate bedding, nutrition and fresh water. Many clients rely on the animal care provider to tell them how is my pet doing because they see the pet throughout the day and understand how important it is to an owner that the pet is comfortable and unafraid.

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