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Flea & Tick Prevention

Our clinic carries a large selection of flea and tick prevention including the new oral product by Merial as well as the new 8-month collar.

We strongly recommend that you consult a clinic before choosing a flea and tick product over the counter.

A large number of products on the market are not suitable for young, debilitated and older dogs. For that matter, it may not be advisable to use a topical product on your pet regardless of where you purchase so that is why it is a good idea to discuss the best choice for your pet.

In some rare cases, it may be your dog or cat does not need protection at all from fleas and ticks. Preventative is always a good idea but depending on your dog or cat’s lifestage and their environment, prevention may not be necessary. We can help you with that decision.


We can help!

On the flip side, some clients find they have a serious flea or tick problem and need major structure to bring the problem under control and keep it that way. This can be a huge challenge. The yard, the home and out buildings, bushes and trees and of course, the pet, all contribute to total environment control. We can help you with this difficult situation.


Heartworm control is not achieved through any over the counter flea and tick product, but that your veterinary clinic has combination products available.

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