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Tech Assistant

I'm Danae! I have been working at the clinic for just under a year. I started at the front desk and took the opportunity to be a technician’s assistant. I love seeing everyone work together to help our patients heal. The roughest part is knowing sometimes, even with the ability to do everything within our power, it is still not enough to save some of them. I believe all animals deserve compassionate care, and I enjoy working with people who share the same opinions and goals. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my dogs and spending time with my friends. Dogs are my favorite species, however I keep all sorts. I also have some snakes and rabbits. My goals are to continue to learn and grow as a person, and I will go wherever that takes me.

From the clinic:

Danae is a quick learner, she gets stuff done, and takes on the tasks others ignore, no matter how small. She knows a lot about training and handling; she has amazing skills at perceiving and deducing the different behaviors that our patients have. Danae also understands a lot about reptiles, small mammals, and other exotic patients and steps in to help whenever we see these guys in the clinic.

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