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I'm Jackie! I have worked for the clinic for forever according to most people (forever is 23 years). I started working here when I was 15. I’ve stuck with working with animals, because they are easier to work with than people most of the time. No matter their temperament, they are also easier to love. My biggest challenges over the years have been helping with horse surgeries, and pleasing the owners of patients. Sometimes owners do not understand what is right for their pets, or refuse to take advice at their pets expense. I am fond of cats and dogs equally, pretty much anything that’s not a bird. In my free time, I like to write. I have a goal to be published, as I am actually an English major. At first, I did not want to work with animals, but over time and with experience, I have come to love being able to help and advocate for them.

From the clinic:

Jackie is another technician with incomparable experience. Jackie takes on the difficult tasks, and the difficult patients. She has taken the good techniques of every doctor and technician that has passed through the clinic during their journeys. She is one of our parvo technicians, as well as one of our critical patient technicians. Jackie is one of two people who sacrifices sleep to come to the clinic and check on patients who need it during the night. She will do whatever it takes to help each and every patient.

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