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Front Desk

I'm Jasmine! I have worked at the clinic for a little over a year. I started as a kennel technician and moved to the front desk. My goal is to become a veterinary technician. I enjoy getting to meet all the animals and see all of their different personalities. I just have a strong passion for animals. The hardest part of working here for me are the extremely busy times. Sometimes, all of the emergencies happen at once, and while we focus on each and every one, it can get overwhelming. My favorite animals are sloths. In my free time, I enjoy spending time in nature.

From the clinic:

Jasmine is very versatile. We can throw her into any situation, and she handles it with a smile on her face. Whenever anyone needs help, she is one that we call on. Jasmine also is very good at connecting with patients on an emotional level, she makes them feel safe while they are here.

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