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Front Desk

I'm Mary! I have worked for the clinic from November 2022 to the present. It all began in high school when a local vet would not hire me, so I worked for free for the summer. He left early one Saturday, and a rancher showed up with a prolapsed cow. I was by myself, so I called him to come back. He told me that he couldn’t, so I needed to fix her, or she would die. I fixed her and she survived. I was 15 and hooked on veterinary medicine from then on. He hired me after that day. I worked for other veterinary clinics while getting my BS degree from WTAMU in Agriculture/ Animal Sciences. I then worked for 15 years for the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab in Toxicology. Later, I went into the industrial/supply sales for 16 years. After that, I was ready to get back to the animals. My first love is equine, so I have been a volunteer at Dove Creek Equine Rescue for 8 years, 7 years on the board of directors. The joy of an animal being healed, and the relief of the owner, is what keeps me going. Of course, the downside is the loss of pets and patients. I love riding horses when I can, mountain biking, and anytime spent in nature with my family. I have been blessed to have many experiences and hope to continue to grown in this field.

From the clinic:

Mary makes sure that each and every patient and client that comes through the door has every need met. No concern is too small, no problem too big. She makes sure to show people that their pets are our #1 concern.

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