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I'm Ashleigh! I have been a technician at the clinic for a year and a half, however I have been a technician at other clinics long before that. I have also worked as a CNA in the past. I enjoy being around animals of all kinds; I currently own ball pythons, a bearded dragon, parakeets, mice, rats, dogs, and cats. I have owned horses in the past and love them as well. I also enjoy the process of figuring out what is wrong with patients, especially when our initial guesses are correct. It is rewarding to see them get better. The most challenging parts of our job are hard to solve medical cases. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. My favorite animals are dogs and horses.

From the clinic:

Ashleigh has brought tricks from other clinics to our clinic. She frequently has a better way to do things that we had never seen before, or has experience using a better medication that we didn’t know about. She has more experience treating the more exotic patients and is the first to jump in and handle the sick ones when they come in. She has learned and retained information from several other doctors and technicians through the years and is more than willing to pass it on as needed when it
comes up.

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